Available for Adoption:

5 Years

Pet ID Number: C22236

How to adopt
All pets over 12 weeks are spayed or neutered.
We give a free spay/neuter certificate to those adopting kittens or puppies.
I am looking for a friend and companion that deserves my devotion and love. My mentor has come to know me quite well and she knows I behave very well indoors. I love to lay on thefloor and watch T.V. quietly or sleep at your feet while you work on the computer. If you put down a rug or towel, I will sleeep beside you at nap time or during the night. While I am crate trained, I'm happiest being able to go room to room with you. Do you work from your home? I would be your best buddy. I need someone who is loving,BUT GIVES ME FIRM BOUNDARIES AND GUIDELINES TO LIVE BY. I try very hard to please people, but they must be clear and consistent of their expectations for me. While I'm well behaved indoors and love attention, I also need plenty of exercise and walks on a daily basis. As a companion, I understand and comply with "sit" and "lay down". If allowed to go in a yard, I would need a securely fenced area. Also, I would be happiest in a home where there are NO CHILDREN. I enjoy and respond well to adults and am suited best for a home that does not have a lot of constant foot traffic or new people. I would love to live with an adult single person or a couple that does not have young children on their horizen long term. Because of my protective nature and high devotion level...I need to be introduced to new people that come around my pack very gradually while I'm in a secure setting. I do not enjoy being around cats because they make me nervous. I would do best where I am the only dog and can focus all my love and attention on my new owner(s).

FLEUR has received monthly sponsorship care from loving donors. Patrice, Kellory and Chloe are sponsoring FLEUR. Thank you, Patrice, Kellory and Chloe, for your loving support!

Pet adoption fee:
Cats & dogs may be viewed and adopted from the Pets and People shelter in Yukon seven days a week,
Monday through Sunday from 12:00 P.M. to 5:30 P.M.

 • Dogs 20 pounds and under - $120
 • Purebred dogs/puppies - $120
 • Dogs over 20 pounds - $100
 • All Cats & Kittens - $75

Pet adoption fee includes:
 • Spay/Neuter
 • Inoculations
 • Worming
 • Cats - Feline Leukemia test (negative result)
 • Dogs - Heart worm test (negative result)

All adult pets are spayed/neutered, come with current rabies certification and tags, are up to date with other vaccinations, have tested negative for various diseases pertaining to their species, and are wormed.
Pets that are too young for altering come with a spay/neuter certificate that is redeemable for a spay/neuter procedure with a Pets and People participating vet. You are required, by contract, to fulfill this procedure when adopting a pet this age by either redeeming the certificate or by use of a personal veterinarian.
Some of the pets' biographies have comments written about them such as "Litterbox Certified", "Housebroken", etc. A lack of comments on a pet's biography does not necessarily mean the pet lacks positive characteristics.  Since we rescue from kill-shelters, we have very little information about most of our pets.  For this reason, we offer a 7-day foster adopt program.  Take any pet home for up to 7 days and if it doesn't work out, receive a full refund of the adoption fee.  The pet may be exchanged at no additional cost up to 30 days.