Available for Adoption:
3 1/2 Years
Est. 70 lbs.
Lab Mix
Pet ID Number: CXHolly

How to adopt
All pets over 12 weeks are spayed or neutered.
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Holly is a 3 Ĺ year old Lab mix. She is a sweet, loving dog; however, sometimes she doesnít get along with other dogs. I have an 8-year-old male lab and they get along well, playing together most of the time. However, Holly, ďThe Enforcer,Ē attacks him when she thinks he isnít obeying the rules and it develops into a real dog fight. In the last fight, my older dog ended up with a torn ear and a cut eyelid. As a result, I donít feel safe leaving them alone together. Holly and my other dog have been eating and sleeping in the same room with no problems but I donít feel that I can keep them both. She needs to be in a single-dog household with no small children. She has never shown aggression toward people and my brother had cats and she wasnít aggressive with the cats. Holly and the cats often shared a bed in the winter.

I took Holly from my brother when he could no longer keep her. She was a country, outside dog but she adapted well to being inside much of the time and confined to a city yard. The thing I love most about her is the way she quietly lies near me whatever Iím doing. She will occasionally nudge me for a few minutes of petting, and then she goes back to lying nearby. She would be an ideal companion for someone without other dogs. She weighs about 70# and has had required immunizations. She is spayed and housebroken. I have a large crate that I purchased for her but havenít used. I will give the crate to whoever adopts her.

Adoption Fee - $50.00. If you are interested in adopting Holly, please contact me at robbie73@swbell.net, 405-789-7424 (home), or 405-202-0870 (cell). I live in Bethany.

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