Available for Adoption:

9 Months
54 lbs
Pit Bull
Pet ID Number: CXSweetie

How to adopt
All pets over 12 weeks are spayed or neutered.
We give a free spay/neuter certificate to those adopting kittens or puppies.
Crate trained, dog friendly, cat friendly, kid friendly any age. Four days before Christmas our foster girl arrived. She had spent the past month living in home with a friend of mine who was unable to continue keeping her due to rental management prejudice. Sweetie came bounding into our lives.

Sweetie was a bounding, wiggling ball of happy doggie as she came through the front door. After all the dogs took turns sniffing each other we took them outside to play. We set her crate up and settled her in for the night about an hour after she moved in. Her crate is her sanctuary and she loves it. She is madly in love with life, ready to meet all the world has with wagging tail and a waiting kiss.

She was at first fascinated by the cats and by Christmas Day had decided they were loads of fun. She and Mischka ( a four pound chihuahua) became fast friends and it is amazing to watch her play with her tiny companion. Sweetie will lay her head on the ground, butt sticking up straight, putting herself on Mischka’s level so they can play wrestle face to face. They take turns sneaking each other’s favorite toys away and hiding them throughout the house.

Sweetie has been completely vetted; she is spayed, all shots current, clear of any internal parasites. She is nine-months-old and 54 pounds. She is also ‘squirt bottle’ broken- if she misbehaves discipline is meted out with a quick squirt of water. Seeing the bottle is very successful to redirect her attention. Adoption fee is $100 and includes her crate.

Contact info: Sarai Honea, raibette@gmail.com

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